Determinism and Freedom: Historical and Systematic Perspectives 2018

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Helen Beebee

(Manchester) is the Samuel Hall Professor of Philosophy at the University of Manchester. Her work has been influential across a wide variety of fields, including causation, free will, and natural kinds. From September 2016 to August 2019, she has been the Principal investigator on the AHRC-funded project, 'The age of metaphysical revolution: David Lewis and his place in the history of analytic philosophy', with  Fraser MacBride, Frederique Janssen-Lauret and Anthony Fisher.
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Claudia Blöser

(Frankfurt/M.) studied philosophy and physics in Frankfurt/M. and St. Andrews. From 2007-2010 she was research fellow at the research project „Anfechtbare Zuschreibungsbegriffe“ supervised by Prof. M. Willaschek and funded by the German Research Foundation. She wrote her dissertation on Kant's conception of moral imputability. She was visiting scholar at the Department of Philosophy at the University of California San Diego. In 2017, she was visiting profesor at the University of Siegen.
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Thomas Buchheim

 is professor for metaphysics and ontology at the University of Munich. He is the editor-in-chief of the journal "Philosophisches Jahrbuch", and has published on the systematic philosophy of freedom, on the concept of life and of personhood. Historically he as worked on Aristotle, on Schelling and on Kant.
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Dorothea Frede

(Hamburg) studied Philosophy and Classics at Hamburg and Göttingen University where she obtained her PhD. From 1971-1991 she taught at various institutions in the United States. She accept-ed a professorship at Hamburg University in 1991, where she taught till her retirement in 2006. Afterwards she had an appointment as Adjunct Professor, University of California Berkeley till 2011. Her main Publications concern Aristoteles und die Seeschlacht, Göttingen 1970 (a shorter Version in English is contained in OSAP 1985); Plato, Philebus, translation with introduction and notes Indianapolis 1993, Platon, Philebos, Übersetzung mit Kommentar Göttingen 1997; Platon Phaidon, Darmstadt 1999; many articles and contributions to books on Plato, Aristotle, Hellenistic philosophy, and also to the philosophy of Martin Heidegger. She is currently working on a translation and commentary of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics in German.
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Marco Hausmann

(University of Munich) studied Philosophy and Theology at the Universities of Bonn and Munich. He is writing a dissertation on the problem of freedom and determinism and he is author of the paper "The Consequence Argument Ungrounded" (Synthese). Areas of interest: Metaphysics, Logic, Philosophy of Freedom, Philosophy of Religion, Metaontology.

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Julian Nida-Rümelin

(University of Munich) is professor of philosophy at Munich University (LMU). Areas of interest: practical rationality, political philosophy, theoretical and applied ethics, epistemology Recent books: Digitaler Humanismus (2018); Unaufgeregter Realismus (2018); Humanistische Reflexionen (2016) Forthcoming (this year): Structural Rationality and other Essays on Practical Reason (Springer Internat. Publ.)
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Jörg Noller

(University of Munich) studied Philosophy, History, Literature and Theology at the Universities of Tübingen and Munich. He spent research stays at the Universities of Notre Dame, Chicago and Pittsburgh. He wrote his dissertation on the problem of freedom after Kant, and is currently working on his habilitation on personal life forms. His new book "Kant's Early Critics on Freedom of the Will" will be published by Cambridge University Press in 2019.
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Thomas Pink

is Professor of Philosophy at King’s College, London. He works on the philosophy of mind and action, on ethics, political and legal philosophy, and on the history of these subjects. He has Just published Self-Determination (volume 1 of two volume The Ethics of Action) for Oxford University Press, and a collection of Francisco Suarez’s moral political and legal writings for Liberty Fund, and is currently working on an edition of The Questions Concerning Liberty, Necessity and Chance for the Clarendon Edition of the Works of Thomas Hobbes.
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Richard Swinburne

is an Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford. He is one of the leading figures in contemporary philosophy of religion and philosophy of science. Professor Swinburne is author of a number of books including "Epistemic Justification" (2001), "The resurrection of God Incarnate" (2003), "The Existence of God" (2004), "Faith and Reason" (2005), and "Mind, Brain, and Free Will" (2013).
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Peter van Inwagen

is the John Cardinal O'Hara Professor of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame. He is also a Research Professor of Philosophy at Duke University each Spring. He previously taught at Syracuse University and earned his PhD from the University of Rochester in 1969 under the direction of Richard Taylor. Van Inwagen is one of the leading figures in contemporary metaphysics, philosophy of religion, and philosophy of action. He was the president of the Society of Christian Philosophers from 2010 to 2013.